French Broad River

French Broad River
The French Broad River begins near Rosman North Carolina in Transylvania County where the North, West and East Forks of the French Broad come together. The river flows north into Henderson, Buncombe and Madison Counties before crossing into Tennessee. The beginning of the French Broad River at Rosman is great for tubing trips. The waters from the junction of the West Fork and the North Fork to U.S. 276 are hatchery supported trout waters, meaning there is no size limit or bait restrictions and the creel limit is 7 trout per day.

North Fork
The North Fork of the French Broad River located in northwestern Transylvania County starts as Courthouse Creek and Kiesee Creek come together. It ends at the start of the French Broad River at U.S. 64. In between, you have a beautiful stream that cascades over 20 waterfalls, nice rapids for kayakers and some of the best trout waters in the area. The North Fork is a Wild Trout : Natural bait regulated water. You can only use single hook artificial lures or natural bait. The trout must be seven inches in length and you can have a creel limit of four.

West Fork
The West Fork of the French Broad is also located in northwestern Transylvania County. It is hatchery supported during the warmer months and closed in March. The cold clear water of the West Fork offers good habitat for trout. There are many good fishing holes along the length of the river. Good Luck!

East Fork
Another stream in the French Broad’s watershed is the East Fork River. It is a delayed harvest stream. It is heavily stocked early in the season and is catch and release only with a single hook. The first Saturday in June the East Fork River changes to hatchery supported regulations.