For the Kids


Children of all ages love the plush stuffed animals found at Bear Tracks. Snuggle with a floppy black bear or decorate your room with a wide selection of wall mounts such as white tail deer, black bear, moose or buffalo to name a few. Plush key chains, magnets, or slippers make gift buying easy. Toy gifts sets with boats or trucks from Bass Pro Shops or a gun and holster sets from M&F Western will delight many children. Puzzles on vacation are always a special treat. Bring your children or your grandchildren for their own shopping adventure.



Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animals make great friends and great gifts. You can never have too many stuffed animals. We are fortunate to carry the Stuffed Animal House brand of stuffed animals, their quality and workmanship is outstanding.



Magic Tees

Magic T-shirts have design that are black and white indoors and burst into color in sunlight. They are always a big hit with children! A variety of different styles and sizes are available.



Cowboy Sets

Need to outfit that little cowboy or cowgirl? We have gun and holster sets, cowboy hats and stick ponies, so your little ones can ride off into the sunset.



Truck Sets

Big bass boat sets and ATV sets are available from Bass Pro Shops along with toy gun and crossbow sets.



BB Guns

A Red Rider youth BB gun by Daisy would be a great way for a young boy or girl to learn to shoot and it’s fun! Other styles are available.




Puzzles are great on a rainy afternoon or when your under the weather. It can be a fun time for the entire family.