Gem Mining


Have fun with your family at Bear Tracks Gem Mine. The Gem Mine is new, just opened April 2013! We are so excited to offer this new adventure. Bring your friends and family to Bear Tracks, relax, and discover the beauty the mountains of Western North Carolina have to offer.

Bear Tracks Gem Mine has a covered flume, benches and picnic tables. You can spend a few minutes or an afternoon sifting through the dirt and sand to discover a wide variety of gems. Our miners find citrine, amethyst, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarine, quartz, tourmaline, moonstone, unikite, pyrite and many others.

It's exciting discovering gems with a wide variety of beautiful colors, each with their own unique characteristics. You will be able to take home a bag of treasures that will help to create your own special memories from the mountains.

Bear Tracks also sells agate slabs, wind chimes and bookends, a variety of polished stones, geodes, crystals and many other gem treasures.




Size   Price
2 ½ Qt. Kids Bucket, Mixed Stones   $10.00
2 Gal. Mixed Bucket   $20.00
2 Gal. Rubies/Sapphire Bucket   $25.00
3 ½ Gal. Mixed Bucket   $35.00
5 Gal. Mixed Bucket   $50.00


Package discounts are available for gem mining and tubing trips. The gem mining would include a 2.5 quart mixed bucket, identification chart and bag. The tubing trip would include transportation to and from the river, a two hour tube trip, and a snack. Call for more details. 




Bear Tracks Gem Mine offers specials for birthday parties, church or school groups, and reunions.

Groups rates apply to groups who have made a reservation in advance and purchase between 10 and 30 2.5 quart mixed buckets. The rate is $8.00 per bucket and includes a gem identification chart and bag. We are also happy to help identify rocks and interact with the group. For school groups, a 10 minute lesson that meets NC DOE standards on rocks and minerals and activities will be provided.  We also have space for bus parking and picnic tables. 

Please call or email us for more information and to make a reservation. We can help to make your special function a memorable one.

Tubing Tubing Tubing





Gemstones, Agate


We have a variety of different rocks and gems available! Some of our items include agate bookends, agate slabs, gem trees, salt lamps, amethyst cathedrals, crystal points, geodes and so much more! After a day of mining when you go home with a bag full of rough gemstones, don't leave without one of our Lortone Rock Tumblers! 




If you are ready to make a reservation click here to visit our Reservations page.

You can also give us a call at 828-862-8992 or email us directly at to setup your reservation. We look forward to speaking with you.