Camping Gear

Camping Gear

If you are on a day hike or an overnight camping trip or a week long adventure, Bear Tracks can outfit your group or supply that one item you still need. We stock many camping necessities for your outdoor adventure. Check out some of the items we carry.




Family tents, pup tents or tents for that backpacking adventure are all available through Bear Tracks Outdoors. You can even get tents that attach to the bed of your truck. Name brands such as Coleman, Ascend, Columbia and Bass Pro tents come in all shapes and sizes. Pick one out to fit needs.



Sleeping Bags and Beds

When you are roughing it in the great outdoors, remember to get a sleeping bag that’s comfortable and keeps you warm. An airmattress really comes in handy also. Sleeping bags from Ascend and Bass Pro will do the job and they are available through Bear Tracks Outdoors.




Are you looking for a large multi-day back pack or a smaller day pack to carry your necessities or a light fanny pack for a nice hike. Look no further, Bear Tracks can supply your needs.



Cooking Items

Small stoves for primitive camping when weight is an issue or larger stoves for families at established camp sites are available through Bear Tracks Outdoors. We also carry cast iron cookware dutch ovens, skillets, grills and tripods from Lodge.



Outdoor Needs

You always need little things to make your camping trip complete. We carry a lot of camping accessories such as lanterns, coolers, bug spray, propane, waterproof matches, rain gear and more. Come see us.