Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Shopping for pet supplies is made easy at Bear Tracks Travel Center with a nice selection of what your animal needs. Dog collars and leads, grooming brushes, combs, beds, bowls and flea control products are some of the many items that we carry for your pets. While shopping, don’t forget to get a treat for your faithful companion.



Collars and Leads

We carry a good selection of pet collars from Weaver Leather and Hamilton Products. Made of nylon, plastic and stainless steal, some fully adjustable in many different colors and lengths.



Grooming Supplies

To keep your dogs and cats looking good, we carry combs and brushes in a number of styles and sizes. We also carry clippers, dog wormers, animal toys, food bowls and beds.



Flea Control

Are your dogs and cats having a flea problem? We carry Cutter and Sentry flea control products.



Equine Supplies

At Bear Tracks, we have a variety of equine supplies including wormers, grooming supplies, fly control, shampoo and wound products. We also carry halters and ropes, headstalls, reins, straps, collars, bits, cinches, and saddle blankets!