Home Decor

Home Decor

Want to redecorate your house or add a special item to your kitchen or bath? A new lamp, pillow or wall hanging would make a great conversation piece. Horse statues and bear figurines are some of our best sellers. Come by or give Bear Tracks a call today.



Big Sky Carvers

Great for presents or just collecting, the bear figurines from Big Sky Carvers will satisfy any ones tastes. Presented in comical situations, these figurines will have everyone smiling.



Colonial Carvers

Colonial Candles have over 100 years in the candle making business and they always deliver exceptional quality. They use the finest ingredients, dedicated to style and design excellence and are rigorously tested. You could say they truly have mastered the art of candle making.



Wild Wings

Wild Wings, a retailer of wildlife art, has something for every room in your house ranging from art, furnishings, decorating accessories and kitchenware. Their wildlife art really captures the beauty of nature. Come see our beautiful selection of wrapped canvas wall art and kitchenware. 



manual weavers tapestry

Rustic wall hangings, pillows, blankets, ceramic decorator pieces and carry bags are offered by Manual Weavers. Manual Weavers products are made in the USA. Many are made for indoor and outdoor use. Need something in a special place at home, Manual Weavers can help.



M+F Western

M+F Western's Western Moments home decor perfectly captures the western spirit and style! With a variety of different items to choose from including picture frames, figurines, kitchen items, lamps, wall hangings and more, Western Moments has everything you need to decorate your home. 




Bear figurines, bear figurines and more bear figurines are available to you at Bear Tracks.